What is an ergonomic bike fit?

This type of bike fit is performed by a licensed physical therapist (PT). It consists of individualized adjustments based on your body and your cycling needs. Your PT could make recommended changes to your pedals, saddle (seat), and handle bars to achieve optimal fit for you.

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Is a bike fit right for me?

Do you have a bike? Do you ride your bike? Then, yes! A bike fit is right for you. Pedal Bike Fit specializes in road bike, TT bike, mountain bike, and spin exercise bike fittings, but most bikes can be fitted to the rider.

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What can a bike fit help me with?

A proper bike fit is important for optimizing your cycling efficiency as well as improving or preventing cycling related pain or injury.

Common cycling-related issues include:

  • Neck/upper back pain

  • Wrist/hand pain or numbness

  • Low back pain

  • Pelvic soreness or numbness

  • Knee pain

  • Ankle pain

  • Foot pain or numbness

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Who performs the bike fit?

Bike fits at Pedal Bike Fit are performed by Pro Bike Fitter and physical therapist, Dr. Natalie Stanislav, PT, DPT

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How does mobile bike fitting work?

Pedal will make an appointment with you to perform your custom fitting at your home, or other chosen location. Pedal will bring all required materials and equipment. All you need is your bike!

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What if I am doing a virtual spin bike fit?

Please have your spin bike set up and in working order. Gather any tools you may need prior to your appointment in order to make recommended adjustments on your bike yourself. Have a good camera setup so Pedal can see your whole body while you ride. A camera/phone tripod or an assistant is recommended for these fits. Please wear any of your typical cycling related gear or clothing during the fit.

Virtual fittings are performed via Google Meet.

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What do I wear to my bike fit?

Wear your normal cycling clothing, including padded shorts, cleats, gloves, etc.

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Where is Pedal Bike Fit located?

Pedal Bike Fit is currently a mobile service operating in Spring, TX and The Woodlands, TX. If you desire a bike fit and are not located in this area, please reach out to Pedal via phone, email, or with our contact form on this site.

Virtual bike fits can be performed for spin bikes only. You can be located anywhere.

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How long does a bike fit take?

  • In-person bike fittings may take between 1-3 hours. Please allot up to 3 hours for your appointment. Times vary based on your needs and the amount of adjustment required.

  • In-person fittings require a shorter follow-up session (45 minutes) to ensure you receive the highest quality bike fit and are satisfied with any adjustments.

  • Virtual spin bike fittings may take between 1-2 hours. Please allot up to 2 hours for your appointment. Times vary based on your needs and the amount of adjustment needed. Follow-up sessions may be booked on an as needed basis and will last about 45 minutes.

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How much will my bike fit cost?

How do I pay for my bike fit?

Pedal currently accepts:

  • Zelle (preferred)

  • PayPal

  • Venmo

  • Cash (exact change required)

*Payment is due at time of service

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